Why did my credit/debit card donation get rejected?

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2015-04-28 16:08

If your donation attempt was unsuccessful, please check your debit/credit card for the following cases:

  • Your credit/debit card should be enabled for International use. Cards that can only be used in country (AKA Domestic cards) may not be accepted at this time. Please call your bank and request international access to be enabled.
  • However, credit cards from the United States, United Kingdom and Canadian credit cards will only be accepted in their country of origin.
  • Not all Virtual Cards may be accepted at this time. Virtual cards are frequently used for online purchases to protect your physical card's sensitive information. However, rest assured that our donation processing is backed up by professional, fully compliant processors and your information is extremely secure. So if your virtual card gets rejected, please try to use a traditional credit/debit card instead.
  • If you are using your debit card, please notice that the security code (CVV) is optional. If your debit card doesn't have a CVV just skip that field.
  • Your bank may have flagged the transaction. This is particularly likely if this is the first time you are donating to the RS Archive. Please call your bank and request they unblock future transactions to the Rudolf Steiner Archive so that your future donations will be processed. If your bank or credit card company is not able to identify the cause of your issue, please contact us at information@rsarchive.org. For your security, please do not include credit card numbers in your email.
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