Using Autoresponders with Mailing Lists

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2020-09-28 05:51

When subscribing to mailing lists, please use an email address that does not have so many problems associated with it: your address is using an auto-responder. Using a "vacation"-type program with your email is only good if there is someone available to get the forwarded message. For mailing lists, it just gets bounced and gets you dropped from the list Then the maintainer has to re-add you.

A clean email address is best -- no vacation programs: it is really useless email, since you will read the message when you get back. If you wish to keep on receiving the CoTS messages, or any other mailing list, please use another email address that is not plagued by an auto-responder.

Please unsubscribe the offending address, and resubscribe yourself with an email address that will not use auto-responders.

The CoTS mailing has been discontinued as of August 2, 2020. CoTS verses can still be viewed on-line by accessing the following URL: Related entries

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