Does The e.Lib have any other Anthroposophical sites?

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2021-12-25 17:02

Yes we do! There are several:

  • The e.Lib, Inc. — is an e.Lib, or electronic library: on-line documents of all kinds. Feel free to explore it's resources. It is also the umbrella organization for the rest of the sites on this page.
  • Anthroposophical Publications — A platform for Anthroposophically-inspired writers to publish their works at cost or completely free, and especially translating into English and publishing the over 3,000 untranslated lectures of the Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner [1861-1925]. We feel that if it's available in German, it should be available in English! Steiner himself said, “and English is a universal world language, and will become so more and more.” (from The Kingdom of Childhood lecture series, lecture on August 12th 1924).
  • Study Groups, On-line — A new way for groups to discuss and share research on books, lectures — really any subject. This is an application to join or set up a group for like-minded folks to do research or discuss a favorite topic. Groups can interact with other groups, with no tracking, no advertising, and no hassles. This can replace or enhance email list serves, in-person get-togethers, and other on-line gatherings. For groups, branches, Societies, or Waldorf teachers, parents, staff, or classrooms.
  • Now I See ... — is a bLog site featuring Book Reviews by Anthroposophists, of non-anthroposophical books! All in the spirit of Franz Brentano. An interesting concept that features some interesting book reviews: books on the World Wars, UFO's, Psychic Detectives, and biographies are just a few of the subjects!
  • Fine Art Presentations — is an e.Gallery featuring several hundred artists from the 13th through the 21st Century. And ... it also has a category for Anthroposophically influenced artists. We believe this is the only such gathering on the Internet. Rudolf Steiner's Lectures on art are linked into the artists at this Special Collection at the e.Gallery.
    • Fine Art bLog — is a bLog site citing new features and happenings at Fine Art Presentations, including an Artist of the Week selection and site announcements.
  • KnowNews dot Net — is a Newswire service featuring World News, US News, Business, Science, Entertainment, Sports, Health, and  special section for Anthroposophical News from around the world. This section is categorized, or grouped, by topics like Biodynamics, Waldorf Education, etc., and the database goes back several years. There is an Archived database of articles that goes back even further.

There is a lot of material here, just waiting for research or exploration ... feel free to look around!

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