How can I submit my site for inclusion on your Links Engine?

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2020-09-28 08:17

Here is what to do to submit your site: the link for the e.Links Search Engine can be found at the Rudolf Steiner Archive, here:

The top menu-bar on the main page has a link that says, "Add Your Site" (second link from the right of the window). If you click that link, you will be prompted for all needed information. Be sure to select a password that you will remember, so you can come back later and revise your listing. There are several categories to choose from, but if you should need help with this, please email us for assistance.

When you have completed the forms, your site will be submitted for verification -- we view every site seeking admission to our Search Engine. Afterwards, your listing will appear on the e.Links Engines at the Rudolf Steiner Archive:

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